When to Get a Sump Pump Inspection? – Few Tips to Avoid Basement Flooding

A sump pump is the most important mechanism in your basement, which protects you against flood and any other water damage. If you live in an area which receives heavy rainfall or excess snow then you must be extra careful about your sump pump. If your area does not receive heavy rainfall it is still recommended to install sump pumps to avoid any possible problems in the future.

As known, it is very important for any electronics to be inspected regularly to ensure it is still in a working condition. Same rule applies for your sump pump. Maintaining your sump pumps will not only ensure that it is working properly, but also help you identify any small problem that can lead to major issues in the future.

how a sump pump worksFirst of all you should get an inspection done for your sump pump at least once in a year. The second most important thing is to get it done by a professional. Here are some things that you can expect in a sump pump inspection. Some of them are mentioned below for:-

Testing the alarm –
The alarm in your sump pump goes on when water level rises above a certain specified limit in the pit. If your sump pump does not have an alarm, then it is a great investment to add an alarm to your sump pump.

A ground fault circuit interrupter is connected to a sump pump. In certain cases, this circuit interrupter trips off and gets deactivated. This can leave your basement unprotected against any water damage. Your inspector will check if the GFCI is on or tripped off.

Check valve –
A check valve is installed in the pipe line of the sump pump. The check valve stops the water from backing up to the pit once the pump is off. This valve is very important and should be inspected if it has some damage.

Backup power –
As this electronic device works around water, it is possible that due to excess water the power supply might get shorted out. During heavy rains power outages are very common. It is important for you to have a backup power plan so that your sump pump can keep working even when the power supply is off from the main source.

The first important step is to hire a professional sump pump installation service and next to hire a professional for inspection once in a year.