The Most Popular Home Roofing Materials

Asphalt shingles are typically black and somewhat sparkly and can be bought in bundles. These are most preferred within the Midwest simply due to the fact that they sustain severe weather conditions and high snowfall very well. Likewise, they are easy, low-cost and functional to deal with. Asphalt could be the most budget friendly shingle you can buy since the setup does not need any special accessories for the roofing system edges, roofing vents, chimney flashings or wall joints. These shingles are simple for your roofer to fit and cut and they are generally compatible with most type of flashing and edging. Additionally, they can be purchased in a wide variety of colors – making them ideal for most homeowners.

Aluminum roofing materials are a popular option for the homeowner who is looking for something light weight and won’t rust. This material does need to be coated so that it looks more natural. This is a good option for some homeowners that want a metallic roof.

roofing materialsCeramic and porcelain tiles are among the earliest shingles known to man. These roofing materials are still popular in the warmer climates in the South West and parts of Florida. Clay-based roofing tiles look nice and are relatively low-cost. Also, they are really easy to maintain and make small repairs. Ceramic tiles hold up well in direct sunlight and intense heat which is why they are popular in warmer climates. An added benefit is that they look really nice and add a lot of style to a home.

This alternative is quickly becoming quite popular especially as an accent selection on houses and buildings. Keep in mind that you will not see a shiny penny for long. With time, copper will weather to some environmentally friendly color that you might find on older homes. Copper is strikingly beautiful when new as well as after it has oxidized with a light blueish green patina. Copper is very expensive so although it is becoming more popular don’t expect to see it all over the city.

Grass or Thatched Roof
Grass roofs are definitely the oldest roof covering material around. As soon as you hear grass roofing system perhaps you are envisioning some tropical sanctuary like Polynesia. These days, there’s a whole new type of turf roofing that’s happening in the US. Skyscrapers in city metropolises like Portland, NYC or Seattle. These skyscrapers are topping their roof with genuine, planted living lawn. This roofing material is easily the most eco friendly type of roofing system around. Besides, supplying your house with great insulation, you are helping to minimize greenhouse effects and supplying your city with fresh oxygen from your plants. If you have a grass roof you basically have your own park on top of your house, best of all.

Metal roofing materials is usually made of steel. It’s a sturdy material that can easily rust so manufacturers have spent a great deal of time figuring out how to protect it from the elements. Most commonly a zinc coating is applied to the steel as a sealant along with a heavy coating of paint to protect it from rust.

This option does not need the additional layers that metallic does due to the fact that it is designed not to oxidize. Because of its built-in anti-corroding materials, stainless steel is one of the more expensive roof options available on the market. If you’re interested in a stainless-steel roof without the cold appearance of steel, you can buy a finish that will certainly help make it have a more natural structure.

Slate shingles are some of the most gorgeous that you can get. This natural stone will can be found in darkish black and grey and no two shingles are the same. Each of them vary in structure, shape and color. The results produced by these variations can be quite sensational and as such slate has actually been valued as a roof covering material that will last for many years. Slate is thankfully incredibly durable and can withstand rain, wind, snow and hail. But because of these properties it is the most expensive roofing material around.

Roofing professionals can help you identify the best choice for your budget and design goals. The trends for residential roofing are moving in a green direction. There are many other roof products on the market, and more green products yet to be introduced. .