Traditional Window Cleaning – Some Tips

Window Cleaning is often considered a difficult chore. Here are a few tips that can be really useful when you are doing traditional window cleaning. Following these tips is sure to make your chore a pleasant and fulfilling one.

First make it a point to wipe the window sills. Whenever it is possible, do not use ladders. Use both your hands when you do your window cleaning work. Make sure that you do not put in too much soap in your cleaning water. Do not use too much water as the running water may make your window dirtier. You may use more water if your windows are very dirty or when it is too hot. In order to avoid water running down, under do the top frame of the window. The inside of the windows needs even less water than the outside. You can collect any water which drips on the inside of the window with a mop placed horizontally under the squeegee. When window cleaning on the inside, use a spray bottle and spray cleaning solution on the mop before cleaning. There is no need of carrying a bucket when you clean around the house. See that all obstructions near the windows and ornamental items on the window sills are removed before you begin to clean the windows on the inside of the house.

Window cleaning (3)When it is windy, make sure that you spray on the same side as the wind blows. This will ensure that spray will not land up on an already cleaned window. Both mop and squeegee can be used at the same time when the weather is hot. You must always use good quality detergent. There are special detergent solutions meant for window cleaning. You must use lint free cloth or micro fiber cloth and this is a must when the windows are leaded windows. A long bucket which suits the length of the squeegee is preferable. It should accommodate the whole applicator. See that water does not splash out of the bucket when you move about.

You should keep different channel sizes or rubber blades for the squeegee handy as different types of windows may require different sizes. You would be better off wearing a detachable plastic holster which houses all your squeegee blades, mops and razors. A small and sharp razor blade is very useful in removing bird droppings and remnants of stick tape. Egg stains can be removed by soaking up the area for a few minutes and then scraping with a sharp razor blade. A lock cone should be used on your extendable pole to secure your tools. Clean with the squeegee in the same direction as far as possible. Finish off with a horizontal swipe at the bottom of the window. Do not rub window sills with a good rubber blade for that will be the end of it. You can use cheaper versions for removing window from window sills. Rub dry with damp cloth. Keep a dry cloth handy and use it only wherever required. Frequently change rubber blades of your squeegee, according to the amount of work that it does.

Rubber blades can be cut with razor blades instead of scissors. The rubber blade should extend beyond the channel and should not be shorter than it. The squeegee can be tapped dry instead of wiping dry. This is quicker than wiping it. Select the rubber blade size that you prefer. Keep your wrists free to move, hold the mop and blade loosely with your thumb. The rubber blade should move sharply on the glass. This ensures a good clean. For Georgian windows, you may clean with a mop and blade. In case the windows are not so dirty, you can put some cleaning solution on the window and use a lint free cloth to polish the window. For dirty leaded windows, use old rubber blades on your squeegee, clean as you normally would and then dry with a lint free cloth. Now your windows will be sparkling clean!

For home sellers make sure your house is clean, which helps the process.