All About Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers offer convenience for your home but can also quickly become a hassle if you have more than one driver and a two car garage that uses different remotes. There are some simple solutions that will allow you to make using multiple garage door openers much easier.

Staying Safe

Garage door openers are a nice convenience but one that should always be used safely. It is easy to simply click the remote button to close your garage door but you should always remember the following:

  • Keep all items in your garage away from the door. Anything under the door can jam the mechanism that moves the door and cause the need for repairs.
  • automatic-garage-doorsMake sure that everyone knows to stay away from the garage door when it is opening or closing. You may want to consider installing a sensor that will stop the movement of the garage door if there is something underneath it. This sensor would be especially helpful in homes with small children.
  • Keep your garage door openers out of the reach of children.
  • Don’t walk under the door yourself when it is opening or closing. It only takes a few seconds to simply wait for the door to finish moving before you can complete your task.
  • Update your garage door openers if they are older than 1993. These remotes don’t have newer safety features that are currently offered and should be replaced as soon as possible.
  • All sensors on the door should be in good working order. There is a sensor near the floor that will stop the movement of the door if something is there and a reverse sensor that causes the door to retract if the door touches something. Stop using your garage if either of these sensors isn’t working.

Keeping your garage safe is really as simple as monitoring the use of the door openers and following the safety rules to set an example for the small children in your home. If they see you walk under the door as it is closing there is a good chance that they will do the same thing. A moving garage door is quite heavy and can easily result in major injuries for anyone who becomes trapped underneath.

If you are unsure how to properly install your automatic garage door opener consult with a professional garage door repair company

Replacing Garage Remotes

Remote garage door openers can easily become misplaced or broken as you carry them around with you on errands throughout the day. Universal garage door remotes are an easy solution to lost or broken openers. These devices can work on any make and model garage door and can even control two doors on double car garages. Finding a good universal remote can also increase your safety if your lost remote is an older model.

garage opener installationTechnology changes quickly for all items. Buying a new replacement every few years can help you have the best in safety for your home. A new universal remote can be programmed quickly for both doors of your garage and each door will have its own button on the remote to make using it simpler. Remember that you will want to choose a high quality device rather than a cheap item, however. A good brand garage door opener can last for many years without needing to be replaced.


The features offered by garage door openers are important to consider when choosing a replacement model. Rolling code technology is one of these important features with remote openers. With rolling code technology no one will be able to record the code that the remote uses to open your garage door because it changes with each use. This technology is common among all the best brands on the market today. You will also want a sensor on your garage door that works along with your opener to determine whether there is anything under the garage door as it closes.

If you notice that your garage door is closing slowly or sluggishly you may actually need more powerful garage door openers. The device that actually opens your garage door is a motor that is mounted inside the garage. You should ask a professional for advice if you notice a slowly opening garage door or anytime that you notice your sensors aren’t working. It is required that a sensor be mounted just a few inches from the floor to protect children and pets. You will also want to ensure the contact sensor is working regularly.

Newer Features

If you have newer garage door openers then you may have a digital display screen. This digital display screen can be very helpful if you experience any issues with your garage door since the problem may be highlighted on the display. If you do experience any problems with your garage door make sure you check the display first to see if the problem is being shown there. Your garage door opener may last for a long time but the mechanism is also sensitive to jarring and misuse.

With the right care you can easily use your opener for many years. Some things to note are when your garage door opens too swiftly and slams on to the pavement or when the garage door isn’t closing all of the way. Most garage doors will automatically reverse within a few seconds if the door doesn’t close completely. For home owners who may be away for the day an open garage door is an invitation for home invaders to come in and take things from your garage.

You should check that your garage door is closing completely each time you leave your home. Your remote garage door openers can be used quickly but taking the time to ensure your door shuts completely is the best way to increase your home safety. You should also monitor the closing of the door to ensure children and pets are out of the way until the door is completely shut. With just a few seconds a day you can use your garage safely and keep it in proper working order.